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Old Port

The Old Port area in Montreal (also known as Vieux Port de Montreal), is considered one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Luring more than five million visitors annually, the Old Port offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment choices, ranging from cinemas to ice-rinks, bars and cafes to the famous Montreal Science and Technology Center. Occupying 117 acres of land, the Old Port area also takes up about 3 km of waterfront from the St. Lawrence river, offering boating activities such as ferries, amphibious buses and tour boats.


The site where the Old Port of Montreal is situated was once the original port for the city, which - in its glory days in the 19th and 20th century - helped turn Montreal from the sleepy town of Ville Marie into a major international destination. When the intense port and commercial activity proved to be too great for the location, authorities decided to move the port to a new area. The government, together with local developers, recognized the value of the Old Port site and immediately began making plans to turn the area into a tourist and entertainment hub in 1960. Today, as mentioned, the Old Port is considered one of Canada's most popular destinations for cultural and entertainment activities.

Things to do at the Old Port

The Skating Rink

Many keen skaters visit the Old Port to enjoy the professional ice-skating rink that makes up one of the key attractions to this area. With its superb ice surface and awesome views of the Old City of Montreal, the skating rink offers a great entertainment schedule, including all-nighters and theme evenings.

The Winter Bar:

Open only during the winter months (December to March), the Winter Bar makes a perfect complement to the ice skating activities available at the Old Port. With its carnival atmosphere and trendy décor, this location is a sure bet with visitors.

Harbor Symphonies:

Each year during March, the unconventional but highly entertaining Harbor Symphonies concert celebrates the city and the river by having train whistles and ship sirens sounding off in unison. A different Quebec composer is honored every year.

Café Arsenik:

Situated in the Science Center, Café Arsenik offers visitors light meals that can be taken on the terrace when the weather is good. This café’s unique coffee collection is a definite favorite with visitors.

Imax Theatre:

Enjoy an amazing 3D cinematic experience at the IMAXTelus Theatre, situated in the Montreal Science Center.

Science Center:

With its permanent and changing exhibitions, the Science Center at the Old Port makes for a fascinating visit for all ages. Visitors enjoy activities that carry names such as “Eureka!”, “Dynamo’s Lair” and “Technocity”!

Old Port

There is no doubt that the city of Montreal has managed to turn a potential white elephant into an entertainment area that is teeming with life throughout the year. From culinary delights to sporting opportunities, from festivals to holiday events, the Old City is buzzing hub of activity that is deemed a must see by visitors and locals alike.

Old Port
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